Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Warner Cable Sucks

Time Warner gets fussy with DirecTV over "false advertising"

There's nothing like a warm, heartfelt lawsuit to really spread that holiday cheer, and we've got yet another battle in the courtroom about to get cranked up, and this time it's between rivals DirecTV and Time Warner. While TWC still can't claim the ability to offer the fledgling NFL Network on its cable systems, DirecTV felt the need to boast not only about its "superior coverage," but to also rub a little salt in Time Warner's wound by informing folks in NFL towns that games shown on the NFL Network "couldn't be seen" on Time Warner. Although the claims seem somewhat legitimate, Time Warner insists that "all eight games featured on the NFL Network will also be available to local fans over broadcast networks," which apparently wasn't the message being conveyed to pigskin-loving consumers. Regardless, DirecTV dug its hole a tad deeper by hiring Jessica Simpson to state that the firm's HD quality "beats cable," which is quite the laughable statement to anyone familiar with "HD Lite." In the end, however, we're sure the ads will be removed (or at least reworded), and the two firms will continue to bicker in future bouts, but what fun would it be if these two actually decided to get along, right?

OK Here I go, lately I've been lately hating Time Warner Cable. It all started when I moved to my new pace in Sherman Oaks. I had the Time Warner cable, phone, and Internet at my previous place. When I moved to my new place they told me I will need to get Adelphia for a little while and then they will change to Time Warner. When I had Adelphia everything was cool and worked good.

The real trouble started when I bought my dlp projection HDTV they told me to come . I waited for like 1 1/2 weeks for an appointment so they came and installed everything and the HDTV DVR box worked a whopping six hours then just died. I went to the Adelphia service center to get the box replaced and did so supposedly they did not have any HDMI cables which I requested but that was OKtomorrow. I came in on Saturday my day off and there was a huge line so i just decided to wait. I was there more than 30 mins so I get to the teller and she is like we do not supply HDMI cables. So I just got pissed off and left. I wasn't really too pissed off because later I talked to some people and some got one and some did not.

Recently my new box is having problems the sound keeps cutting off and its needs to be restarted which really sucks if you are recording a show. I went to the same service center know which is now named Time Warner finally. The teller told me that they don't have those boxes I have they have an older version called "moxi" don't quote me on the spelling. Which I know everybody who had one had to get it replaced for the new one that I have. Also those boxes require "professional installation" which requires an appointment. I told her I just want to exchange the box and that my schedule does not permit me being at home waiting for a repair man to show up. Her response was we done have any and we don't know when we will be some in January , February,etc. she would not give me an answer. She said that I could watch regular cable in the mean time.

The really pissed me off because I don't want to watch regular cable on a $2k HDTV also not to mention the extra fees associated with the HDTV channels. I bought the TV to watch HDTV period. I don't know which direction Time Warner is going with its customer service but definitely its not the right one. I'm actually contemplating switching to satellite.

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