Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Tiny She Said

Digital Video Player

Yeah well I didn't get my feelings hurt. I just went off telling her how I got the whole Lord Of The Rings Trilogy on a single 2gb SD card.

Trust me it takes a lot of nifty encoding but I won't get into that here. Plus the kicker it also has 256MB built in memory for my favorite mp3's. I would store it on my keychain but to afraid of it getting too scratched up. The screen is adequate enough to watch full length movies on and the sound of the MP3 is incredible. Over all the Digital Video Player is a very nice package for the small investment.

-Vadim K.

Hurry to Place Your Order! The First Shipment is Almost Here

BACK UP cAMERAThe Automotive Wireless Back-Up Camera and Object Sensor will be in Stock in around November 10th. Hurry and place your order soon the first shipment will only be 400 units and limited quantities for the Holidays. I can safely say that at least half of those are already spoken for. If you want to provide a little more safety in your daily driving or just have something for that troublesome blind spot. I wish I had this cool car gadget installed in my car earlier this week then maybe my fender bender may have been avoided. Now I have fun dealing with two insurance companies and an auto shop and an adjuster. The Automotive Wireless Back-Up Camera and Object Sensor would of allowed me to move out the way when I saw the guy approaching so fast and I would've been able to avoid the whole ordeal completely. Plus this is the only one that has back up sensor that will start beeping when are are too close to an object just like those $80k luxury cars. It is currently only $199.95 and can be pre-ordered on GadgetUniverse.com . Make sure you place your order quickly as stock is limited. I will guarantee this will be the hottest selling gadget for 2007 Holiday season.

-Vadim K.

Christmas Takes Flight This Holiday Season

 What would be better Christmas morning than multiple flying contraptions in your living room? Yes that might not sound very entertaining to most adults but imagine the smiles it would bring to your children this Christmas. If its the Super Mini Fly-in-House Helicopter or its bigger brother the Eagle-Eye Radio-Controlled Helicopter . Or both of them. For all the adults in house you can get the bigger Dual-Blade Navigating Helicopter . But if he/she is like me and thinks she/hes' James Bond on occasion he would love the R/C Car with 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Camera so he/she can spy on the neighbor's or just harass the mailman (mail person lol) on a daily basis. GadgetUniverse.com has Holiday gifts starting at $40 for the small helicopter all the way up to $150 for the R/C car camera system. I know but family is getting lots of flying contraptions this Holiday. I think it would be fun watching my mom fly one of these things around it took her about a month to learn the Tivo remote.

-Vadim K.

p.s. I love how I'm so politically correct in this post.

Hula Chair

Hula ChairI'm glad someone else thinks these are good excises to do while you watch television. Unfortunately thats the only way I get exercise. The Hula Chair and the iPlatform are perfect examples of exercise machines for the fat and lazy. Yes I said fat and lazy. I can speak on that because I fit into both of those categories. Mr. Bicep is a huge fan of these unique exercise machines. I first meet Bruce Pechman (Mr.Bicep) in summer of 2006. He was doing a special on clocks and we had the perfect item our Giant Big Ben LED Clock. Since then we have built a close relationship with Mr. Bicep and he will be participating on our Gadget Panel. He also visited us at ces2007 and meet with our VP of marketing Jared Tracy (blog). We look forward to his insights and reviews of our products. I just sent him over a couple new gadgets to play with.

Vadim K.

No Need For Wires

Horizon Home Theater
I just got a new TV for my bedroom. I decided to get it mounted on the wall since it is a thin plasma television. After I got the mount and got it all hooked up its looked so sexy. But I hated that the wires for the surround system ruined the cleanliness of the installation. But I was very skeptical about getting and all in one. I found a new product from my friends at Gadgetuniverse.com . They have a new product called the Horizon Home Theater system. So I decided to give it a run for my money anyways. It took all but three minutes to take out the box and hook up. I connected it directly to the plasma by a toslink optical audio cable. So I turned on Snatch one of my favorite movies and started to play around with the sounds modes. I kept it all pretty basic and default just added a little bass. Before I knew it I was actually thinking how good is the sound coming out of the back speakers and though to myself wait I don't have any surround speaker just this box below the TV. I do not know how they accomplished something so cool but it actually works. I heard of the Yamaha sound bar and the Bose system but both where way out of my price range. The Horizon Home Theater system only retail for $399.95 and worth every penny. Plus at first I was very skeptical about the quality of the system but It is very well made. I have expensive Polk Audio Speakers in the living room and the construction is on par with those which cost about the same per speaker as the Horizon Home Theater system. Plus I did not really care if it had it or not but it comes with a built in DVD player which made me happy because I did not need to run any more wires to the TV. I'm very happy with this system and think anyone in my position would be. So clean up those wires will ya.

-Vadim K.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Antwone Fisher Likes Steinhausen?

Antwone Fisher

He actually does. I met him at the Scriptwriter's Showcase in Universal City Earlier this year and he fell in love with our products. He loves the way the Steinhausen Classic Automatic Watch looked for himself and though his daughter would love the Home Theater Watch . He also loved the MP3 Voice Recorder and he though it would be very useful to record ideas on. I had a very nice time talking to him . He actually spent about an hour of his time talking to us and was really a down to earth nice guy. We talked a lot about his movie and I had to express how much I liked it. It was one of the few Drama's I actually enjoyed over the past couple of years. I hope to run into him again at another event GadgetUniverse.com will be attending.

- Vadim K.

Eddy George Loves AIW's Gadgets

Eddy George

Eddy George was so excited about AIW 's gadgets. He was checking everything out and got on the iPlatform and had the Head Spa on. The first thing he said that he and his boys are gadget fanatics. I went right away and got him the MP4 Home Theater Watch and the MP3 Voice Recorder . He loved that the voice recorder had a remote voice activated microphone that you could leave in an another room and when someone starts talking it will start recording. Plus it has an adapter for you regular land line to do the same. He loved the watch also he said I'll put all the latest sport's highlights on it and watch it on the plane. He was a very energetic and happy person to met. He brought a wonderful energy with him that seemed to cheer the whole gift suite up. I'm not a sports fan except for Ninja Warrior so cannot tell you about his professional career I had to a chance to met the man behind the fame and it was a pleasure.

-Vadim K.

Me and Robert ( Bobby) Moresco Just Chillin

Robert Moresco ( Director of Crash )

This is another one from the Scriptwriter's Showcase in Universal City earlier this year. That handsome fat Ukrainian is me and the other fine gentleman is Robert Moresco. You may heard of him? He produced Crash and co-produced Million Dollar Baby and countless other movies and television shows. One of my new favorites is new TV series The Black Donnelly's. You see him holding up the MP3 Voice Recorder and the MP4 Home Theater Watch which he was excited to receive. He loved the watch because he can travel and have something to watch and not have to lug around a laptop. The voice recorder he said can come useful when for meetings instead of taking notes. It was a pleasure meeting him and I love his work. His work is really true life stories and not fantasy based like most blockbuster movies.

-Vadim K.

Tenacious D In The House

Tenacious D

Kyle Gass was very excited to receive his MP3 Voice Recorder with voice activated remote microphone . He straight loved the little gadget and don't worry it wasn't vodka in his glass. He just finished a celebrity poker event for charity and decided to check out the AIW 's gift suite at the Sofitel Hotel. He actually said he would love to leave the remote microphone in the room and come back to see what his friends say when he is gone. He is a very funny guy and I was pleased to meet him.

-Vadim K.

Meeting Jorge Garcia (Lost)


WOW!!! I was so happy to meet one the main characters on LOST. My favorite TV series ever. I think he was just as excited to receive the MP3 Voice Recorder and the MP4 Home Theater Watch from AIW . He loved both those items and couldn't wait to get to his Hotel room and play with them. When I mentioned that the Voice Recorder comes with a voice activated remote microphone he got so excited. I wish I could of spend hours talking to him about the show and what really goes on behind the scenes. But i understood that first off he couln't and it would be inappropriate. Meeting him made my week and I also meet Michael and Walt later on which was very exciting.

-Vadim K.

You Mean I Can Take My Porn With Me?

Rex Lee

Rex Lee from Entourage was very excited to receive his MP4 Home Theater watch and he liked the MP3 Voice recorder too but not as much. Rex Lee is also a big fan of AIW's other products like the Steinhausen Beethoven Watch . He wasn't wearing one that day but he mentioned to me how many compliments that watch receives. Rex Lee is a talented and hilarious actor and I love his work. It was a pleasure meeting him.

-Vadim K.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Got Fucked and I don't Mean on Video

Paris Hilton got dragged out of her house today and taken into custody and returned to jail. WTF did she break out of prison or something. I think the stupid judge is just making a mockery of this problem and making a name for himself. My friend has gotten multiple DUI's and only did time for his third one. This girl did not even get a second one and they are throwing the book at her. I know she is not perfect but who is. She likes to party and what not but who really cares is she hurting people selling drugs or worse. I think this is just a media frenzy and the judge wants his name all over the media and has the power to do so. I feel bad for her and hopefully she could come out this with her head up high and put this all behind her.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Cast Of LOST

Last weekend I spent a whole lot of time in the presidential suite at the The Sofitel Hotel. It was sponsored by Alexander Innovation Wizard (scroll down for some history). The event was hosted by GBK productions and was for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. We worked long hours and did not get many breaks but it was all worth it. The highlight of this gift suite was when I meet some of the cast of lost. I meet Jorge Garcia (my fav), Malcolm David Kelley, and Harold Perrineau Jr. (was also on OZ). I got so excited when Jorge came into the suite and started looking and the G-Force MP4 Home Theater Watch and the Spion MP3 Voice recorder. I could barely tell him what the product do i just had random scenes from the show on my mind. the coolest part is that they all loved the products especially the watch. Everyone was like I don't have drag my laptop around to catch a movie and I was like nope you can have it on your wrist. That was so cool me schooling celebrities image that. I'm still pretty excited about meeting then and looking forward to the new season of Lost in February.

Here are some picks from there:

Background on Alexander Innovation Wizard:

Alexander Innovation Wizard has been inventing the world’s greatest innovations for nearly 20 years. His products can be found in retail stores like Sharper Image, Costco and mail-order catalogs like Heartland America, Gadget Universe, Sportsman’s Guide, and SkyMall. Alex is also rolling out dozens of funny and entertaining online videos featuring the incredible innovations he is discovering and inventing several months before these gadgets are available to consumers.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Damn Better Then Hot Cakes, Like Gravity Defeyer Hotcakes

It's funny how much press these Gravity Defyer Shoes get. Everywhere I look there are more and more blogs, reviews, etc. I just searched Google for the shoes (results) and the information is overwhelming. Like Show-n-Tell, The Gadget Panel, TurboGadgets, and countless others have written reviews and given there opinions. Places like Gadget Universe, Skymall are spending lots of dough just to advertise these. So far they don't have a celebrity endorsements or any large retail chains supporting the shoes. In my opinion thats just around the corner.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WOW!!! Gotta Get Me Some of These

Boobies: The Executive Desk Toy

Remember the pendulum executive desk toys that were so popular in the '80s? Then you'll be familiar with Mrs. Newton's Knockers. A few questions though.

Does Mrs. Newton herself have five breasts? More than five breasts? Are these someone else's breasts? Did she take one each from five women, or are there two women walking around breastless and one with just half a breast? All pertinent questions. – Jason Chen