Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Me and Robert ( Bobby) Moresco Just Chillin

Robert Moresco ( Director of Crash )

This is another one from the Scriptwriter's Showcase in Universal City earlier this year. That handsome fat Ukrainian is me and the other fine gentleman is Robert Moresco. You may heard of him? He produced Crash and co-produced Million Dollar Baby and countless other movies and television shows. One of my new favorites is new TV series The Black Donnelly's. You see him holding up the MP3 Voice Recorder and the MP4 Home Theater Watch which he was excited to receive. He loved the watch because he can travel and have something to watch and not have to lug around a laptop. The voice recorder he said can come useful when for meetings instead of taking notes. It was a pleasure meeting him and I love his work. His work is really true life stories and not fantasy based like most blockbuster movies.

-Vadim K.

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