Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eddy George Loves AIW's Gadgets

Eddy George

Eddy George was so excited about AIW 's gadgets. He was checking everything out and got on the iPlatform and had the Head Spa on. The first thing he said that he and his boys are gadget fanatics. I went right away and got him the MP4 Home Theater Watch and the MP3 Voice Recorder . He loved that the voice recorder had a remote voice activated microphone that you could leave in an another room and when someone starts talking it will start recording. Plus it has an adapter for you regular land line to do the same. He loved the watch also he said I'll put all the latest sport's highlights on it and watch it on the plane. He was a very energetic and happy person to met. He brought a wonderful energy with him that seemed to cheer the whole gift suite up. I'm not a sports fan except for Ninja Warrior so cannot tell you about his professional career I had to a chance to met the man behind the fame and it was a pleasure.

-Vadim K.

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