Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Cast Of LOST

Last weekend I spent a whole lot of time in the presidential suite at the The Sofitel Hotel. It was sponsored by Alexander Innovation Wizard (scroll down for some history). The event was hosted by GBK productions and was for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. We worked long hours and did not get many breaks but it was all worth it. The highlight of this gift suite was when I meet some of the cast of lost. I meet Jorge Garcia (my fav), Malcolm David Kelley, and Harold Perrineau Jr. (was also on OZ). I got so excited when Jorge came into the suite and started looking and the G-Force MP4 Home Theater Watch and the Spion MP3 Voice recorder. I could barely tell him what the product do i just had random scenes from the show on my mind. the coolest part is that they all loved the products especially the watch. Everyone was like I don't have drag my laptop around to catch a movie and I was like nope you can have it on your wrist. That was so cool me schooling celebrities image that. I'm still pretty excited about meeting then and looking forward to the new season of Lost in February.

Here are some picks from there:

Background on Alexander Innovation Wizard:

Alexander Innovation Wizard has been inventing the world’s greatest innovations for nearly 20 years. His products can be found in retail stores like Sharper Image, Costco and mail-order catalogs like Heartland America, Gadget Universe, Sportsman’s Guide, and SkyMall. Alex is also rolling out dozens of funny and entertaining online videos featuring the incredible innovations he is discovering and inventing several months before these gadgets are available to consumers.


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