Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hula Chair

Hula ChairI'm glad someone else thinks these are good excises to do while you watch television. Unfortunately thats the only way I get exercise. The Hula Chair and the iPlatform are perfect examples of exercise machines for the fat and lazy. Yes I said fat and lazy. I can speak on that because I fit into both of those categories. Mr. Bicep is a huge fan of these unique exercise machines. I first meet Bruce Pechman (Mr.Bicep) in summer of 2006. He was doing a special on clocks and we had the perfect item our Giant Big Ben LED Clock. Since then we have built a close relationship with Mr. Bicep and he will be participating on our Gadget Panel. He also visited us at ces2007 and meet with our VP of marketing Jared Tracy (blog). We look forward to his insights and reviews of our products. I just sent him over a couple new gadgets to play with.

Vadim K.

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