Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Takes Flight This Holiday Season

 What would be better Christmas morning than multiple flying contraptions in your living room? Yes that might not sound very entertaining to most adults but imagine the smiles it would bring to your children this Christmas. If its the Super Mini Fly-in-House Helicopter or its bigger brother the Eagle-Eye Radio-Controlled Helicopter . Or both of them. For all the adults in house you can get the bigger Dual-Blade Navigating Helicopter . But if he/she is like me and thinks she/hes' James Bond on occasion he would love the R/C Car with 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Camera so he/she can spy on the neighbor's or just harass the mailman (mail person lol) on a daily basis. GadgetUniverse.com has Holiday gifts starting at $40 for the small helicopter all the way up to $150 for the R/C car camera system. I know but family is getting lots of flying contraptions this Holiday. I think it would be fun watching my mom fly one of these things around it took her about a month to learn the Tivo remote.

-Vadim K.

p.s. I love how I'm so politically correct in this post.

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