Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We Finally Got Videos On our Site

Pardon the pun but this knife is the ultimate in “cutting edge” technology used now by professional chefs around the world. It’s not ordinary metal like other knives. Instead it’s made of shatterproof zirconium oxide so it’s guaranteed to never rust. When we say shatterproof we mean it. It’s almost as hard as a diamond! But that’s not all; this ultra sharp knife will hold its edge for years without a single sharpening. Perhaps the best part of our Ceramic Knife is the fact that it’s so hygienic. Its advanced high-density ceramic material prevents the breeding of bacteria, which professional chefs know is very important when cutting red meat and poultry. Light weight, perfectly balanced, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, our Ceramic Knife makes the perfect addition to the twenty-first century kitchen.

I just think it's so cool having these little product videos on gadgetuniverse.com. It gives it a better prospective of the product since you cannot really touch it yourself. Besides that it gives the website an entertainment factor which should keep people tuning in. I hope we can get all our products a short clip. This s a great idea in marketing so far I haven't seen companies using YouTube video to promote there products.

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