Friday, February 02, 2007

Gravity Defyer Shoes Are Making A Splash

The Gravity Defyer Shoes by Alexander Innovation Wizard are a hot item. They were a huge hit when debuted at the 2007 CES. Yes, shoes made their debut at the largest consumer electronics show. A crazy idea, but it actually makes sense, given the amount of time people spend on their feet.

See what people said about the shoes at the CES as well as what other bloggers and reporters have to say:

Read what GUTTERBOY said (humorous)
Read what turboGADGETS said
California Newswire
The Red Ferret says they “are straight off the ‘what the…?’ banana boat LOL
Investor’s Business Daily
Nothing to do with Arbroath
Dr. Joe Vitale has many good things to say not just about the shoes
The Gravity Defyer Shoes are wishlisted by someone on Perhaps I’ll send him a pair -D
CrunchGear had their hopes up about defying gravity
MondoShoes had something to say too
Yahoo! Finance published the press release
Can you Digg it?
They even love it in India
The Ventury County Star picked up on the hot news!
So did the Dallas Morning News
Even got in on the action

I was skeptical when months ago these shoes showed up at a project meeting and the CEO was enthusiastic about them. I did not see how the shoes fit into our product lines but started to see the benefit and WOW factor. Well it has been like six months later and I actually do own a pair which I regularly wear. The excitement at the CES 2007 really surprised me and made me believe further that this is a great product. Pretty much anyone who wears them likes them I have not yet seen a hater among us yet.


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