Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm Actually A Part Of Something

At work we are setting up a Gadget Panel. It's basically going to be a review site for new products. But the twist is that we don't really want them to tell us what the product does just what is there opinion of it and maybe what they could accomplish with it. We already have some cool people as our panelist. Dr. Vitale, Dick DeBartola, and Mr. Bicep to just name a few. Everything is being moderated by our Vice President of Direct Marketing Jared Tracy. Our CEO Alex Elnekaveh has huge input what goes into the production and manufacturing of our products. He is excited to see what people say about our products and the how they like to use them. I'm really excited to see where this buzz lands us. If I have anything else to say I will post it on one of my blogs.


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Jared said...

The Gadget Panel is a log of fun!