Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lazy Man's Exercise

iPlatform F.L.S. Exercise Trainer Machine

I love the iPlatform. If you are a fat bastard like me and refuse to exercise against doctors orders. We had one in the studio for a couple of months. I used to sneak off and use the machine on a daily basis for that time period. I noticed that I did not get sleepy after lunch like I always did before and had more energy for the evening activities. I wish we would still have it set up because I miss my energy. This exercise machine is so simple to use and a ton of fun. I think of it like a roller coaster get on and just hold on and let the machine do all the work. I also love all the attention this machine gets from the opposite sex. Every time we take it to a show it catches the women’s attention right away. I think women are just more health oriented than men are. I love how it’s just something fun to do like go on a swing or seesaw. I don' really care I'm working out I care more that I'm having fun with the gadget. I think this is the key to sticking with any exercise routine. If you are not having fun and it’s a chore to do your not likely going to do that for a long time.

A reply to: Kevin Sorbo Loves the iPlatform, What did Paris Hilton get for her birthday?


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