Monday, February 19, 2007

I Can Smell BS From A Mile Away

Universal B.S. Detector Watch: Full of Crap


The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch does not actually detect falsehoods. We didn't want to inconvenience the small percentage of readership that sometimes takes these trifles a tad too seriously. As a general rule, any electronic depicting a cow's arse is not worth one's emotional investment. But to each his own.

The $39.95 Universal Bullshit Detector Watch can tell time, but it can also make "moo" and "poo" noises at the touch of a button. According to the manufacturer, your friend will question from whence came the sound (and this is when you come in):

"Oh, my deepest apologies Philip. I seem to have left my second...hahaha...I'm ok...I seem to have left...ooh, spit my milk a bit...I...I seem to have left my bullshit detector on!"

And then Philip will feel most foolish.

Ok I'm done with the rant now. But anyways I would to know anytime people are just B's you like art the dealers or when you buying a tv. I'm just looking for a tuned down version from my rant I would just like a beep so I can smack the person B's you.


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