Monday, March 19, 2007

Kazakhstan Rules With A Iron Fist

My friend's uncle introduced him to a young lady that resides Kazakhstan. His uncle also lives there near Borat somewhere lol. So for months now they have been exchanging email and phones calls (thank god for voice over ip). They like each other and decided to meet. She went to the consulate and asked for a travel visa so she could come out here to visit him. They advised her that she can't do that. Here are her options she could come out here on a student visa, work visa, or a personal long lost friend program for lack of better words. She asked why she just could see a person she likes and wants to meet. They advised her that their number one priority is make sure she comes back to Kazakhstan. So my mom learned of this and decided to help. She got the paper work and filled everything out like she is her friend and blah blah blah. So this lady goes back there with all the paper work and they have an interview (interrogation). Everything goes well until he asks her if my mom has ever been to Kazakhstan and she replies no. Then after like three hours of being interviewed right after that question he dined her entry to the United States. Communist has long left that part of the world but everything is still done in the old ways. It will take at least 100 years for things to be more open and freer. For know she is stuck there and their is really no way she could come over now. But the kicker is that she has a young boy and her family there so she would obviously come back. For know it just sucks.


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